1.Capacity Building

Capacity Building for Research & Evaluation for Impact.

Impact Research NZ delivers Dancing with Data (DWD) research and evaluation programmes and modules which are designed to build organisational capacity by targeting specific needs.

Our Programmes

Our suite of research and evaluation programmes and modules

Creative Ways of Sharing

Dancing with Fellow Stars Impact Research NZ's (IRNZ) third key Dancing with Data concept is Dancing with Fellow Stars which focuses on creative ways of sharing widely the results of a research or evaluation project

4.Choosing the Music

The ‘Right Fit'

Focuses on selecting the ‘right fit ‘of approaches and methods to meet identified project outcomes. IRNZ works with organisations to select the best music – choosing from a wide range of research and evaluation approaches.

2.A Culture For Success

Principles of Partnership

Working together with iwi, hapū, whānau and Māori


Participant Feedback

What our clients say...